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RQIA Inspection.


The RQIA recently carried out an unannounced inspections within the home,  They were happy with the current practice within Kings Castle, with only a couple of recommendations / Requirements being put in place, these were acted upon immediately.. Our inspection reports can be accessed through the RQIA website on the link  below.



The purpose of recommendations are to assist those looking for Care Homes to identify good Quality services and to highlight the high level of care that is provided with Kings Castle Private Nursing Home.

If you are happy with the service in which Kings Castle Staff have provided to you, your family or for a friend Please recommend us by clinking on the carehome link.



My experience has been nothing but good since my mum arrived at King's Castle Private Nursing Home. The staff introduced themselves and made us all welcome, right away a member of staff made my mum a cup of tea and toast, which she enjoyed and made her feel at ease right away. On the 25th July my mum was 90 years young, the staff went out of their way to make it special for her and they did.


Mary R (Daughter of Resident/Service User) .

My granny is in King's Castle, she loves it, and everyone who works in it have been so kind and thoughtful to her and to us when we visit her. She gets her hair done every week and this is very important to her.

Claire F (Granddaughter of Resident/Service User)

King's Castle has been shown to us as a very respectful, caring, clean place for our relations to spend their last few years, we can only thank the staff for the care and respect that has been offered to them during their stay. King's Castle and staff are second to none in their caring and respect for their patients this in turn has taken a great responsibility off the shoulders of their families who can't thank them enough, again many thanks and may your establishment continue with all the good work and care you have shown us and our families. We were very grateful for the respect shown to us after the passing of our family members, your staff will always be in our thoughts, god bless.

 Richard (Son-in-law of Resident/Service User)

I have enjoyed staying in Kings Castle. Staff are happy to attend to my needs.

James D (Resident / Service User)

Kings Castle is exemplary in every way. My mother is treated with such care, love, dignity and respect. I have had other relatives as clients and have always been very content and happy with how their needs are met. I know when family members have died in their care we have been treated with such kindness and respect. It surely is a home from home.

Noelle F (Daughter of Resident/Service User)

Additional Reviews can be seen on the care home website, Click on the link at the top of the page to read reviews submitted by others or to make a review of your own.

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